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Ever Mission

Updated: Jul 2023

Our team at Ever is driven by the mission of ensuring a smooth and rapid shift toward sustainable transportation.

Ever Mission

Smooth & Rapid Shift Toward Sustainable Transportation

We are a mission-driven company, driving the adoption of electric vehicles and helping consumers in a broken used car industry.

Transportation accounts for 28% of Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and by electrifying our passenger and commercial vehicles, we can significantly cut these emissions. As an example, EVs with 300-mile range have 50-70% lower lifecycle GHG emissions when compared to similar gasoline cars – even when accounting for both battery manufacturing and how electricity is generated in the U.S.

Additionally, electric vehicles come with a significant health benefit due to their zero tailpipe emissions nature. By moving towards zero-emission vehicles and limiting local air pollution, we can significantly improve urban air quality.

Helping EV Buyers, Owners, and Sellers

For most people, EVs are a new acquaintance. We exist to guide and support them through their EV journeys.

Creating Trust in Used EVs

Used EVs bring about many new questions. Together with our partners, we strive to increase transparency and trust.

Pioneering EV Retail

EV buyers, owners, and sellers need new, tailored products and experiences. We push the industry forward.



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